Woman holding Wulf Evolve Maxxx in front of a treeWoman holding Wulf Evolve Maxxx in front of a tree

Start Your Vape Journey with Wulf Mods

In 2011, Wulf Mods was established in Southern California and became a major vaporizer manufacturer for the latest devices. Being in the vaping industry allowed us to observe what vapers wanted from their devices as we used this insight to design our unique products.


Our mission in the industry is to provide reliable and efficient services to our loyal customers while upholding values of integrity, innovation, and excellence. We want to bring you high-quality vaping devices and accessories to enhance sessions for our customers. This includes delivering innovative and reliable vaporizers, replacement parts, lighters and torches, grinders, and other related products.

Wulf Mods Product Collection standing in front of pink studio backgroundWulf Mods Product Collection standing in front of pink studio background

Wide Range of High-Quality Products

Wulf Mods has gradually become one of the most well-liked brands among consumers. We've achieved this by offering high-quality products and understanding the vaping lifestyle.

At Wulf Mods, we understand the importance of catering to all vape users. That's why we've created the perfect vaping experiences for various preferences. We offer products specially designed for concentrates, oils, and dry herbs to elevate your sessions to a newer level.

Man holding wulf Kodo knife kit apartMan holding wulf Kodo knife kit apart

Committed Customer Care

Our friendly team is always ready to assist you. Your happiness is important to us, and we're excited to provide you with top-quality products, excellent service, and a vaping experience that goes beyond what you expect.

We're here for you from Monday to Friday, between 9 am and 6 pm, at our Customer Service Department. If you have any questions or thoughts, feel free to call us toll-free at 1-888-827-3101. Your satisfaction is our priority!


Hours of Operation

Mon - Fri, 9:00am - 6:00pm
Toll Free: (888) VAPE - 101 or (888) 827 - 3101 USA only

Voicemail: (951) 279 - 2507 International Contact: +1

FAX: (951) 279 - 2508

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